The Huntress: Sky by Sarah Driver


Seek the scattered Storm-Opals of Sea, Sky and Land, before an enemy finds them and uses them to wield dark power . . .

The trail of the Storm-Opals takes Mouse further than she has ever been before. With her little brother Sparrow and friend Crow alongside her, she stumbles into the world of Sky, where fortresses are hidden amongst the clouds, secret libraries (skybraries) nestle atop gigantic icebergs and the sky swirls with warring tribes and their ferocious flying beasts. Can they solve Da’s message before it’s too late for their ship, their tribe and the whole of Trianukka?

Mouse is back on her quest to find the Storm-Opals and be reunited with her Da.

The second book in The Huntress series begins with Mouse and her friends discovering the legendary Sky-Tribes. It introduces us to some incredible new characters, including my favourite, Kestrel. She’s very different to Mouse and strong in her own unique way- she’s gentle, fiercely loyal and has a vision for the future that she’ll defend to the death.

I was never a fan of books written in the present tense until I read Sea. It works so well in this trilogy and makes me feel fully immersed in the world Sarah has created. This book is non-stop action and we flit between riding ferocious beasts to breaking into fortresses to dream-dancing and sailing through poisonous frog infested waters. Like the first book, it’s full of great cultural expressions related to Mouse’s world and the Sea Tribes, such as ” don’t take your sails down yet” and “have raw eels poisoned your brain?” I love how each community Mouse comes across during this adventure has its own unique qualities and culture.

The novel is full of irresistible new creations such as draggles, the Skybrary where the books belonging to the divided clans are preserved and wish-tea, which tastes of whatever you wish for. Mouse, Crow and Sparrow are fantastic characters, complex and three-dimensional. I feel like they had grown up a lot in their own different ways by the end of this second book and I enjoy following their character development, how they make sense of the world and the quest they must carry out.

Full of twists and shocking reveals, The Huntress: Sky is a magical sequel to The Huntress: Sea and a book for adventurers!

The Huntress: Storm will be released on the 31st of May 2018. Read my review of Sea here.


Five Books for Fans of Philip Pullman


Cogheart by Peter Bunzl

A steampunk adventure which takes place in an alternate version of Victorian London beneath a sky filled with steam-powered airships, the setting of this novel reminds us of Lyra’s Oxford from the His Dark Materials series. Mechanical people, friends that run on clockwork and a brave, female heroine are all reminiscent of Pullman’s Clockwork. Peter Bunzl shares in Pullman’s talent for creating despicable villains!

The Lie Tree by Frances Hardinge

A tree that thrives on lies and a determined heroine constantly repressed for being young and female. This book reminded me of Lyra Belacqua and her truth-telling alethiometre in her battle against the oppressive and sexist Magisterium. Faith’s thirst for knowledge and passion for natural science recall the academia of Jordan College

The Huntress: Sea by Sarah Driver

Mouse’s icy cold, perilous adventure is similar to the one Lyra embarks on when she journeys North to rescue the children taken by the Gobblers in His Dark Materials. The delicious description of fur cloaks, golden eggs and heavy wooden treasure chests evoke the golden-coloured Tokay wine and the Sky-iron armour used by the Armoured Bears in Pullman’s series.

Kit’s Wilderness by David Almond

This eerie, dreamlike story is rich in mining history and is haunted by the ghosts of children who perished underground. The characters’ fascination with death and those who have left the living world remind us of Lyra’s visit to the world of the dead. Just like Pullman’s writing, this story can be incredibly dark until suddenly the light shines through.

Inkheart by Cornelia Funke

This is the first in a series that emits the same magic as many of Pullman’s works and follows the main characters as they travel between different worlds. The innocent love story between Meggie and Farid and the eventual, subtle hints at a sexual awakening are similar to the relationship shared by Lyra and Will.