Translation & Journalism

Without translation, we would be living in provinces bordering on silence.
-George Steiner


I  am a literary translator working from French and Italian to English and English to French. I hold a Second Class Honours BA degree in French, Italian and European Studies, specialising in translation. Words are my trade and both my own writing and my translations are crafted with the utmost precision, fluency and creativity. I am passionate about recognition for translators and introducing foreign literature to the UK, especially children’s stories.

My main areas of work include fiction (especially children’s fiction, historical fiction and fantasy), culture, art, history, travel, feminism, politics and journalism and religion.

Most recently I have translated two books for publication by Black Dog & Leventhal; a 90,000 words FR-ENG cookbook (Secrets of the Butcher) and a 40,000 words IT-ENG children’s atlas (Maps of the World) as well as Museums Go International (published by Peter Lang). I translate comercially for several companies and work as a reader for literary scout Natasha Farrant.

I charge £0.09 per word, the minimum rate recommended by the UK Translators Association. Available 6 days a week.



I have also worked as a freelance writer for various publications including Life Learning magazine, Spire & Co’, Verily Magazine, the British Chambers of Commerce blog, My French Life Magazine, The Bookseller and Writing Magazine.

See my full portfolio here.

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